Links to other websites containing useful information relating primarily to underwater photography.

Camera Manufacturers

Canon logo

Canon - Manufacturer of Canon cameras and lenses.

Nikon logo

Nikon - Manufacturer of Nikon cameras and lenses.

Olympus logo

Olympus - Manufacturer of Olympus cameras and Olympus underwater housings.


Housing and Underwater Photography Equipment Manufacturers

Epoque logo

Epoque - Manufacturer of Epoque strobes and supplementary lenses.

Ikelite logo

Ikelite - Manufacturer of Ikelite housings, lens ports and DS125 strobes.

INON logo

INON - Manufacturer of INON strobes and supplementary lenses.

Sea and Sea logo

Sea & Sea - Manufacturer of Sea and Sea underwater photographic equipment.

Subal logo

Subal - Manufacturer of Subal underwater housings.

Ultralight logo

Ultralight - Manufacturer ultralight arms and connectors.


Suppliers of Underwater Photography and Video Equipment

Cameras Underwater logo

Cameras Underwater - Supplier of underwater photography and video equipment.

Ocean Optics logo

Ocean Optics - Supplier of underwater photography and video equipment.

Under Water Visions logo

Under Water Visions - Supplier of Nauticam housing and various useful accessories.


Photo Clubs and Forums

BSoUP logo

BSoUP - Established in 1967, the British Society of Underwater Photographers meet monthly (3rd Wednesday) for talks, presentations, competitions and social events. During the summer splash-in competitions are held in the UK.

DigiDeep logo

DigiDeep - Online information and forum.

Photosub logo

Photosub - Club of underwater photographers based in the Surrey area with quarterly social events, meetings and splash-in events during the summer.

Underwater Photography (UwP) logo

UWP - Online underwater photography magazine edited by Peter Rowlands. Contains editorials, adverts, product testing and general articles of interest to underwater photographers.

Wetpixel logo

Wetpixel - Website and forum where members share underwater photographic experience and knowledge.

Underwater Photography Guide - Website with an online book which is a complete underwater photography tutorial and class for beginners and advanced photographers.

Underwater Photography Guide logo

Underwater Photography and Video Portal - Website with techniques and tips for underwater photography and video.


Other Websites

The following links are to the websites of other photographers I have come to know who have provided advice and had an influence on my own photography.

Martin Edge website logo

The underwater photography website of Martin Edge

Jane Morgan website logo

The underwater photography website of Jane Morgan

Dr Alexander Mustard website logo

The underwater photography website of Dr Alexander Mustard

JP Trenque website logo

The underwater photography website of JP Trenque

Cuttlefish Productions website logo

Cuttlefish Productions Underwater Video website, the underwater video website of Jo Horrocks

Ken Sullivan Underwater Photographer website logo

The underwater photography website of Ken Sullivan (Ken also produces custom equipment and modifications to existing equipment)

See Life Through The Lens website logo

The photography website of See Life Through The Lens (Helen Rushton runs landscape courses centred around Dorset - I attended a 2 day weekend workshop in March 2012)

The photography website of Rob White


Photo Library and Print Sites

Photobox website logo

Photobox website

Snapmad website logo

Snapmad website

Blurb website logo

Blurb website

500px website logo

Snapmad website


Useful References

Snoots - Article on Dive Photo Guide website regarding snoots, their construction and use

Lightroom - Lightroom by Scott Kelby

Strobist - Learn how to light


Dive Centres

Ocean Turtle logo

Ocean Turtle Diving - Dive Centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Provides PADI training from Open Water to Instructor; Air fills (inc. Nitrox), Equipment hire, purchase and maintenance.


SCUBA TT - Dive Operation in Fleet, Hampshire. Provides PADI training from Open Water to Assistant Instructor level. Runs club trips and travel.